Ball park tavern is not under the jurisdiction of the philadelphia police. Besides that, they don't need the help of these forums. I know that hood clubs are generally more freakier and that they generally have the best mileage but perhaps it is just an LE method on attacking crime but I don't see any connection between these 2 issues.

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I was at Sir Richards and spots like that before they all got shut down. I do not need anything else ever.

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Oh by the way, every experience at Cheeks has been only with cover. Just my humble opinion. If anyone has a recommendation on a really good escort who is worth the dollars, feel free to post. PM me with info. I'll be sad when they close tirfany to the legal shit that went down. I have yet to leave there unsatified.

I think the quality has gone down. I fucking hate it when winterhaven ca adult personals girls post fake pictures and are just a let down I think the next girl I want to give a try with is Chloe from Allentown. She's an awesome kisser, and loves to fuck.

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Anyone know of any more clubs like those two? That includes the dance fee. Even if it was 3 and lets say these were long extended versions of tiffxny songs about 5min each that would be tiffqny total 15min. How much better can it get if you have all these options to choose from and have the opportunity to see what works best for you? Total damage. Give me a good strip club that has several good 'options' and I will take it anyday.

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They should tackle real esscort instead of these little hood clubs that pose little or no threat at all to the community. I used to go to Sun Brian's but that got shut down. They have much bigger lpckheart in that city like murder, rapedrugs and burglary that they should be turning their attention to daily. I mean they escort subiaco had a shooting at the club and they stayed in business they just had to move up the street I guess the reason i'm hesitant about the escorts recently is because there is so much fake shit out there.

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If you think about it. Also you can take all the time that you need in order to make a decision. The door was open as the security was searching people waiting to go in when someone started shooting.

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I've been kind of disappointed in the escort talent in Philly of late. I just want guys out there to enjoy the girls as much as I do. Your comparing strippers that for tips can get you off to providers?

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Kelly was there too, but I was interested in new girls. I've heard good reports of her. Sounds cold and calculating, but it's true and just my opinion.

Set it Off is okay. If I could find a private escort that is worthwhile, I would definitely prefer tlffany over the strip club, but I have been uninspired. These clubs generally open again within two weeks at a new location.

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The beauty of cheeks is that you get to see the product before you buy it. And unlike some of the other places that try to hide where they are they're on just about every list you can find. Llckheart maybe if you do meet the person in the picture and you find out that her attiitude sucks.

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What a gem. No question. I like the excitement of fucking these girls in the couch dance room. These couches are secluded for privacy by curtains in the shape of a cube. Anywho, escorrt offense, like I said, just my opinion.

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Talking about apples and oranges. Beautiful fucking long straight black hair, lovely curves, nice tight ass, and C cup titties. At least I think they're closing.

There is a section tjffany couches in rows. Some hood clubs especially the after-hours have been generally friendly and when you see stuff like that going on in there, you know that they are just so close to getting shut down.