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We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. I know, you'd rather see new content than have development time spent on fixing the half-elf looks.

Svelte I guess would be the word. I have nothing against feminine look. InspireAM I think the dev team knows they messed up or undershot their goal for half-elf aesthetics, but didn't want to dissapoint deeking community with another delay of this race. I absolutely did not mean anything about the 3D artists.

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I tried to draw a real life parallel to illustrate my point. All of that implies that what is presented as a half-elf is accurate.

Sure, elves and to a lesser extent half-elves would look at humans as rough looking and humans at elves as overly delicate but that doesn't change the fact that HElves just ain't right. I think it's kind of fail for see,ing representation. Ahhhh, not sure if you're joking but these aren't real races they are avatars in a video game. Sorry to be harsh toward the artist west virginia escort that's just how Beaytiful see it.

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You are a real life human so you think elves look girly. Of course, escort vancouver bc are also non-generic versions. Bah, I was just trying to make jokey light conversation but now the tone has gone all wrong. Imagine you elv from any country with tall people, say, the Netherlands and knew nothing about the outside world.

I meant race as in human vs elf.

My bad, for using the R word. They don't look realistic or very alive to me.

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HutothAM Helves look like badly-painted wooden tv/ts escort. It is already a "racist" point of view. They probably thing tall people are unattractive, too, and that your women look like men. But, at some point that just becomes an excuse. If that doesn't appeal to you sense of aesthetics that's because you're judging them by your standards.

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That's my whole point. When the vast majority of the fan base complains about the half-elf appearance it means that Turbine got it wrong. To dwell on that point a bit further, you cannot be a racist towards other humans, you can only be an idiot. That's why I put "racist" in quotes, and tried to qualify my statement.

Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. Because humans comprise the reader population it is beautifjl notions of beauty that this consideration applies to.

EntelechAM Actually, I think the 'racism' people are referring to in this thread refers see,ing that of the 3d artists who developed the models for Half Elves. If they were a real live people then your sex personals creampie would be true seeking beautiful elf as a bunch of pixels that a developer at Turbine could easily re-do it's fair and perfectly ethical to beauyiful out they're odd looking and ask that some work be done to correct that.

The word "racism" is already loaded because it implies there is a difference between people that there are different races when there is not. HElves look "funny" because the artwork is not as good as the other races not because of cultural bias. To be honest, I hope they really put some effort into improving this race's appearances at some point this year, alot of people who play this game play mainly sometimes soley to make their character look appealing.

As has been noted many times, Turbine failed completely with their half-elf renderings. I thought you might be less then serious thus I started with "I'm not sure if your joking". It's all good.

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TherigarAM The whole premise of this thread is "racist". Good point. I don't meant that in a pejorative way, just that you're judging elven facial features by human standards. You still misunderstood, and only saw the R word. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.