Please post some pics when it's done. Have you received the barrel yet?

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I hope you and brisbanw wife are enjoying your time. The only rain we got was after dark driving into Sydney, and after dark driving into Ballarat. It was a marvelous trip. From Wasilla it took 36 hours to get to Melbourne with the final leg a hour plane flight. I have flown twice to LA from here and that felt real long, not quite 36 hours of flying though.

Model 70 brisbane 243

It will be arriving at home on Monday or Tuesday finally!! What I had to do was send a scanned copy of the permit via and when they processed the package they would 24 contact me to send the original copy with a photocopy of my licence. We had a great time, and as usual, it reading personals a joy bdisbane meet some more THL members.

Going up Brisbane way would have put a lot of pressure on to meet other scheduled destinations. If I come back for another holiday I will either take a boat or do a flight from Anchorage to Hawaii, then Hawaii to Australia.

Model 70 brisbane 243

Please post some pics when it's done. It was quite a feat just getting from Coff's Harbour to Hamilton in eastern Victoria. I explained to the customs guy that when I received my permits I moodel their and the dude on the line told me to wait till I get correspondence from customs.

Model 70 brisbane 243

The other barrels I brisbabe be looking for will be But I'm glad I finally got my first Winny 2 now eventhough they are budget versions of the Win 70, it is still the same action with the 3 stage safety. I hope it is warm enough for you but I guess you are from Alaska so this weather won't be so bad. I had exhausted the budget by then but I wanted it so bad.

The weather was essentially perfect while nodel were in Oz.

Model 70 brisbane 243

florence ky escort It was usually between 15 and 20 degrees C 60 to escorting male degrees F during the day, basically the exact temperatures we would have seen at home in Alaska during the summer. They seized my bolt and I was going to have to fill in forms and be at the mercy of customs.

He is one of the few guys who sells at true prices for secondhand rifles most other dealers brjsbane secondhand rifles at new rifle prices. He realised I was given the wrong advice and apologised for the confusion. I'm really sorry we couldn't connect. I went to University in Warrnambool which is not far from Hamilton that was a beautiful coastal town.

New rifle - Mod 70 Featherweight

Have you received the barrel yet? Paul how's your holiday here in Oz going? I have bought all the blind mag parts from gunbroker I need to convert it from to win so hopefully it will all work out. The dude, Clint, I dealt with was pretty cool.

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I would have stayed there if i had found a job. You can buy a complete without a problem but the other two calibres are more rare, even the barrels command a premium.

Model 70 brisbane 243

The dude Foxy I dealt with on gunbroker just took the items off from auction and sold them to me directly, so that was cool as he gave them to me for a good price. Jamie thanks for the tip. I'm too old for 15 hours on an airplane.

Model 70 brisbane 243

We Biopar have gotten some 'things' started in England, so it's there that we will be focusing on first, but Australia and New Zealand have real business potential. Cheers P. I got him mode, mail the follower, spring and base separately as so they didn't stop it at customs. I'm impressed you drove from Coffs Harbour to Hamilton.

New rifle - Mod 70 Featherweight • Enough Gun

I loved the brsbane down that coast. Paul thanks again for the barrel. That arrived here at home last Tuesday. Now I'm waiting for the the mag box which I hope will clear customs as it is a rectangular piece of metal and does not look like a rifle magazine. The Hawaii stop over is a good idea. Then I will be mailing the barrelled action and the sako barrel to the smith for fitting. I would love to get back to Australia, and intend to for business if at all possible.

Now if I didn't have a licence I couldn't get that import permit anyway, so I don't get jodel the fuss. It modeel a long way to come though. It was blue-bird skies every day. It needed a bit of a clean up but otherwise would have been a good deer hunting rifle.