See what they refused to hear.

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Your political actions have exacerbated these issues and you must take responsibility tor it now. Yet somehow, you expect them to be assets to our society and not liabilities and shame them when they cannot achieve the unachievable bar you have set with your harmful policy kooking. You have denied us comprehensive education reform, oversaturated our boards of education with mandates for better testing scores, disempowered and underpaid our teachers, supported the privatization of our schools with no check and balances to ensure quality education, then are angered when you see year olds on the welfare system.

Black women in particular will be harmed and criminalized by this law though our sexual behavior fog never been corrected since slavery. Your intentional and uncompromising objection to expanding Fof in a state where more than half of its people have sandra memphis escort health disparities is irresponsible. However, my bible teaches me that Jesus came that we might have life, and have that life more abundantly. You have denied hardworking families the opportunity at a living wage, yet hold them responsible through legislation that punitively disciplines them for their rage, or their inability to be present to raise their children.

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You have denied us the opportunity for every member of our families to live, and then claim to be pro-life. It is irresponsible of this legislature to push vulnerable women and girls back into unsafe abortions. No one can raise children properly when they have to work 3 jobs to provide a hour work week of pay.

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Did he not place King Solomon in a position to administrate justice to the prostituting mothers, even though killing the baby was way he proposed to offer that justice? Hello and thank you for having me today.

I urge you to vote against it dangerous bill and work with us to change the culture of sexual behavior in our state together. Your political track record shows no mercy or compassion upton ky housewives personals them or their lives and judgment is not yours to hold over their souls, yet you have stepped out of your mortal positions and have wedged your nt, hatred, and misinterpretation of biblical text over their lives and families as if YOU are God lookign as if YOU have a heaven or hell to place them in.

The definition of abortion is the termination of life, whether it be a fetus or a living and breathing human being. Instead, Tennessee has chosen eugenics over healthcare access which includes comprehensive sexuality education and all methods of birth control.

Looking for tn its 1236 am

What makes you believe God has endowed your sinful flesh with that authority? This was God-ordained justice.

The framework was created to center the lived experiences of Black women around issues of reproductive and sexual health including the universal human right to dignity, self-determination, and autonomy. Even God honored the self-determination and bodily autonomy of women and mothers throughout scripture. Thank you for your time. Read her full testimony. And make no mistake.

We continue that pattern of birthing our children to this day. And three years after you have gotten the leadership in the White House the majority escort of scotland this legislature desired; you still have not put forth a plan of action to ensure healthcare that would save our lives and help us make more comprehensive decisions about our pregnancies.

Rather in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interest of others. Reproductive justice seeks to liberate and emancipate vulnerable populations from all forms of reproductive and sexual oppression and challenges us to expand our analysis beyond abortion to be inclusive of the myriad other issues that pooking women and people who give birth asian escorts honolulu achieving reproductive and sexual autonomy.

TN Senate Tries to Silence Cherisse Scott

You have lucy lewisville escort in your righteous indignation and watched undocumented families be destroyed by ICE in this state, you have dismantled their families in the name of democracy, you have ambiguously offered undocumented women birth control methods to hinder them from having more children. What more could this legislature do for a state full of people who do not understand their sexual and reproductive health?

Looking for tn its 1236 am

The heartbreak is that TN abortion rates could be much lower if this legislative body would not stand as a barrier to the very education I received. Many of you who claim to be conservative and Christian have weaponized the word of God to forward your political agendas and maintain lookihg and control over the most vulnerable Tennesseans.

Last I checked, all of us who believe, and that includes people who have abortions, are to work out our own soul salvation. I sit here before you a living testimony of what an empowered and educated individual looks like when given the tools to make comprehensive choices about my life and reproductive health. My bible teaches me in Hosea that we die due to a lack of knowledge.

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He could have offered t to that mother for killing her newborn baby, mistake or not. See what they refused to hear. Please consider helping us continue fighting for the legislative and social changes that we all deserve. We were brought to this country to breed and labor.

Looking for tn its 1236 am

A wise preacher named Rev. Are any of us holier than God?

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You have cherry-picked the parts of this state loo,ing would expand its behavioral and mental health services, and then race to put sick people who struggle with substance use disorder in prison and take away their children all while claiming to care about babies and families. Cherisse Scott in the Headlines Common Sense : Reproductive rights advocates fight latest extreme abortion ban as Tennessee GOP attempts to criminalize ihs Daily Memphian : SisterReach director expresses frustration in fetal heartbeat hearing Nashville Public Radio : Abortion hearing ends with high tensions and complaints about lack of diversity in witness list Newsweek : Tennessee lawmakers consider banning abortion once a woman knows she's pregnant Tennessean : 5 things ita know about Tennessee's proposed abortion ban For heidelberg escort inquiries, Tereva Parham at tereva sisterreach.

That said, I am not here to testify about abortion access in a vacuum, because doing so dishonors the lived experiences of vulnerable people who can give birth in our state, the social and economic disparities which inform their daily choices of all kinds including their reproductive health choices and most importantly, the outright and intentional abandonment by the Tennessee state legislature of these vulnerable people who happen to comprise ttn races, classes, cor, socio-economic statuses and those who do vineland escort and massage profess any faith.

You have manipulated biblical scripture to align with your colonialist supremacist ideologies, instead of showing mercy and using the power of your political party to liberate each of us — which is and was the actual ministry of Christ.

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ist Many of them are under-employable because they never received fundamental education to navigate the workforce yet you expect them to understand their fof and reproductive health?! Allow me to call you in and offer you an opportunity to repent for the ways you have perverted your role as politicians. You have targeted people because of nyc mature escort sexual orientation with vitriol and hate.

We all know there is no scripture that uses abortion terminology, yet the text demonstrates countless opportunities where God condoned the death of vulnerable babies to chastise disobedience, correct behavior, heal broken hearts or even usher in liberation.