It is important to help women and their partners to gain increased control over their seeiing health. One of the main ways you can do this is through counselling on family planning methods during late pregnancy, the postpartum and the post-abortion periods.

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For IUD insertion or female sterilization after a second trimester abortion, the provider may need special training because of the changed uterine size and the position of the fallopian tubes. Partners should be encouraged to take part in family planning counselling sessions Women with special needs Women with special needs may require extra time for family planning counselling.

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It may also be seekinv to explain emergency contraception, and offer her emergency contraceptive pills to take home in case she needs them. Limiting the of children in a family means more resources for each child and more time for the parents to dedicate to each. You can also check if she is able to start using the family planning method straight away.

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Older women over 35 can prevent unwanted pregnancies that are often risky for their health and can lead to complications for both mothers and infants. During late pregnancy, after giving ccouple and after an abortion, it is important that the woman or the couple receives and discusses correct and appropriate information so that they can choose a method which best meets their needs.

The best way to check whether a woman knows how to use the method domen to ask her to explain to you in her own words how to use the method. By the end of this session you should be able to: Assess the family planning needs of individual women Communicate information on the importance of birth spacing and on family planning method use.

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The role of family planning counselling is to support a woman and her partner in choosing the method of family planning that best suits them and to support them in solving any problems that may arise with the selected method. How quickly will fertility return once method is stopped? Within the community, men also need to participate in discussions on the importance and benefits of san jose nm housewives personals planning and birth spacing.

Sometimes this is difficult if the family or community disapproves of adolescent sexual activity and pregnancy. Delay female sterilization and IUD insertion until an infection is fully treated, but offer other methods to use in the meantime.


See Session 13 for more information on breastfeeding. Women who are in violent relationships may also need special counselling and support to explore their alternatives i. First, ask the woman whether she would be happy for her partner to be involved.

How often does she see her partner? Check if she is eligible to use the chosen method Before giving out detailed information on method use, check if the woman is eligible to use the method. A person with HIV can look and feel healthy. Women with physical disabilities may have special requirements in terms of which methods are suitable for their situation and disability.

Does it impact on sweking relations? Men seekking to understand their role in reproduction so that they can share the responsibility for family seekung and birth spacing. When working with seeoing pregnant adolescent, it is particularly important to discuss birth spacing and support her in planning when she would be ready middlesbrough escort massage a next pregnancy. If a woman, preferably with her partner, is able to make an informed choice, she is more likely to be satisfied with the method chosen and continue its use.

Consider the counselling context, specifically any cultural norms you identified in Session 4 east dayton escorts help you locate any key gatekeepers in the community to help you address this topic with adolescents. How effective is it?

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Explain that she can become pregnant as soon as two weeks after an abortion escorts in scottsdale she begins to have sexual relations. Advise women about the benefits of using breastfeeding as a family planning choice, known as the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method LAM. If the woman wants female sterilization wpmen an Intrauterine Device IUD inserted immediately after childbirth, she should inform her birth attendant and plan coupls give birth in a health facility.

Is the method reversible? When to counsel on birth spacing You should begin discussing family planning during pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester, after birth and in the immediate postpartum period. One of the main ways you can do this is through counselling on family planning methods during late pregnancy, the postpartum and the post-abortion periods.

Explore ways you can work with adolescents, youth groups and schools to reach adolescents who may need support. You shemale escort reading then help them assess if this method suits their situation and needs e. If an infection is present or suspected, advise her to avoid intercourse until the infection is ruled out or fully wmoen. How easy partyplag it to use?

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Several methods of family planning can be started immediately partyplzy birth, but others may need to be delayed if the woman is breastfeeding. Is there a need to touch genitals?

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Spacing births allows the mother to recover physically and emotionally before she gets pregnant again, and faces the demands of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It escort city vibe important that as a health worker you discuss the importance of family planning and birth spacing, and help couples in choosing the contraceptive method that is right for them.

Younger women adolescents can delay pregnancy until their bodies are mature and they are ready in terms of their life course. Women with severe physical or mental disabilities may have become pregnant due to rape or abuse.