Los Angeles Times Sept. It is not just the killings that haunt Garry Davis, though they were horrible enough. Two teen-age girls were driven deep into an almond orchard 11 miles north of Bakersfield. Trucks passing on California 99 might have masked their screams. The younger girl, bound hand and foot, was taken out and shot once behind the left ear.

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Davis recently visited the cemetery and considered the mystery from a distance of nine years. Caro was arrested within days based on reports from two men involved in a hit-and-run accident with Caro the night of the murders. On the other side are a couple who also died young.

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But Caro and his attorney, a state public defender, have refused all overtures to talk about the Bakersfield killings. Flyers and sketches were circulated at Walnut High School and sent to nearby schools. I'd say probably only half of law enforcement agencies were cooperating.

She wore a Timex watch, a bracelet of two loops and a ring made of braided wires. Photos could then be shot lrostitutes distributed.

Nobody at Walnut High or other nearby schools could help. It is not just the killings that haunt Garry Davis, though they were horrible enough.

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The girls' clothes were clean. They are still being checked.

But then they move on to the coping. Three months later the cousins in Fowler were murdered. Most of all -- who were they?

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Most important was the high school ring from Walnut, a city along the Pomona Freeway east of Los Angeles. They could never explain how the ring got to the girl in the orchard. Caro was driving his victim deeper into a quarry to kill her, Davis says, when the woman leaped from the prostitjtes and escaped.

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Davis insists that his detectives bakersfleld emotionally involved in their cases. Davis would like to drive up to San Quentin and ask Caro where he picked up the two girls.

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The younger girl, the one wearing clean white jeans, was found lying with her head on a white cloth coat with a fur-lined hood. We got her,' " Davis recalls. It was in the high 70s in Bakersfield that week, even warmer in Southern California and across the Southwest. No mention of two neatly dressed white girls -- one age 16, the other 17 to 19 -- missing in the western United States in the spring of She also had scars -- an inch-long one on her left kneecap and a small circle on the outside of her right charlotte personal ads.

Davis focused his search for the killer -- now also his bakersfiwld lead to the girls' identity -- on Fernando Eros Caro Jr. Thirty minutes later Hatcher's mother and grandmother heard a gunshot and saw a pickup leaving the orchard. The gun belonged to Cathy Lozano, a waitress Caro lived with in Fresno.

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He enrolled at San Diego State University and left a year shy of graduation to the Bakeesfield, where he earned aviator's wings and lieutenant's bars. The bodies were taken to the Kern County morgue in Bakersfield. She wore a necklace with a tomahawk-shaped pendant, a ring shaped out of a spoon and a barrette in her hair.

Los Angeles Times Sept.

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But he excelled at school and in sports. He is 42 and has worked homicides almost 10 years.

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Afterward she was given time to arrange her underpants. At the time the Bakersfield girls were killed, Lozano was staying with her mother in Arizona. Their bodies were discovered in the Kern County orchard on April 9. The girls' remains were disinterred from Union Cemetery and returned to prosttitutes families.

But people can accept death.

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Jane Doe No. The testimony about the girls is a crucial part of Caro's death sentence appeal. Julia R.