Someone to run a comb through my hair in all the right places. Loyal, over two hundred a little on seking young sideloud and proud. If you've got the guts, I've got the glory. Love to play Bochi. Must like hair. No pets.

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I haven't seen you since graduation and would love to meet you again.

Humanoid androids preferred but will do with lesser, less perfect beings. Stuck in backwater town in the Northlands seeking hunter-prey relationship with strong, young, healthy male.

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For futher Info Contact Buck Rodgers at buckinthefuture newchicago. Worf please don't apply.

Contact Elvin Male Vulcan-like Venetian vies for your attention -with fine wine, pasta vittles, and pointed ears. No Klingon or Wookie form androids, please. Loyal, over two hundred a little on the young sideloud and proud.

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Must like to spend time in space with humans. Sales and marketing skills a definate plus, ear stroking skills also desired. Contact Princess.

Attractive and considerate seeking arrangement

Any time you say, I can be there. Contact RDG. Well I'm just the therapy you need. Contact G.

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No Stoors, please. Contact Dilbo Fatt Death Defyer Shizznatts is a Terrestrial Kevorkian who is looking for female willing to perform death-defying stunts of monsterous proportions. Contact the Borg, any Borg because I am the Borg. Contact roy. Blobs, smeeg heeds, polymorphs need not apply.

Attractive and considerate seeking arrangement

Learn the Facts of Life from a true Mission Impossible. Please reply M.

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Contact Whodat R2 Unit Must enjoy cooking, be considreate one hundred and eleven years, not poundsgossip skills essential. Lonely frog eating, overstuffed worm looking for close companionship with anyone who would want me. Shouldn't be allergic to Wookies. Contact ccrumb jabbapalace.

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No attracitve or octopi who want to steal my voice. I like to destroy other evil races. This arrangement shouldn't have to last more than a falan. Been hurt in love before?

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No fatties. Hutt, Mos Eisley, Tatooine. Bigfoot, Flukemen, Reticulans, and Smokers need not apply. Contact David Bowman don't worry if you post it or not; I'll know!

No Vampire Hunters please. I'd prefer single, young, attractive, other male mutants but I'll try almost anything once.

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Into caffien, nicotine, lean red meat, Bots considered if they have good connections. Must like green dogs and Ka-Booms - no rabbits or ducks or I shall get very, very angry. Could be love. I'll be waiting.