Tenkara Zoom Rod – The Teton Zoom by Tenkara Rod Co.

A Tenkara rod with two adjustable lengths. So you can fish it at 10.5 ft or 12 ft. Weighs 3.5 ounces and collapses down to 24 inches.
About this project :     Tenkara is a Japanese style of fly fishing that dates back hundreds of years and pre dates the Western or traditional form of fly fishing (with a reel and loading line) that we know now

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More about project :
  It involves a long rod usually 8-13 feet in length, a very lightweight fixed line, tippet, and flies.  There is no reel in Tenkara.  This makes it much easier to learn because it helps you focus on the fly and not the line.         The Teton Zoom is our first adjustable length Tenkara rod.  You can fish this rod at both 10.5 ft. and 12 ft lengths.  Adjustable length rods have been around for some time.  And a couple years ago after many people kept inquiring about them we decided to make one of our own.  After two years of prototypes and testing we feel really pleased with this rod (thats what she said).     A zoom rod allows you to fish two different lengths of rod.  This means that you can easily transition from small water to bigger water.  It also helps reduce the need for other rods.  Instead of having a 10.5 ft. rod and a 12 ft. now you can just fish with the Teton Zoom and cover your ass.  For the longest time we tested and debated zoom rods.  Every sample we would try just didn’t feel right.  Either the longest length would feel too noodly and disconnected, or the shortest length would feel too stiff.  We feel that this rod maintains a semi soft feel at both lengths.               We were born on Kickstarter 5 years ago with the Teton and Sawtooth rod models and have continued to love and support this platform.  Since the beginning, we have been pushing the limits of Tenkara while innovating as much as possible.  In 2015 we released our Mini Rods which received overwhelming support from the Kickstarter community and blogosphere raising $220K, which is the most funded fishing crowdfunding project to date.Since we started, we have released multiple new rods, nets, apparel, and accessories as well as done some fun collaborations with brands that we admire.  We are a passionate group of fishing enthusiasts who also have many other hobbies like biking, surfing, hunting, skiing, and snowboarding.        More information about Tenkara:What makes Tenkara so fun is how portable and simple it is.  With rods collapsing down to 24 inches it means that you can take them anywhere with you.  And with it only taking 30-45 seconds to setup it means that you will fish more often.  Then if you decide you are done fishing that spot, it only takes another 30-45 seconds to collapse the rod and continue on.  Production Timeline:   …



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