Big Fish Tenkara in Winter

It started to warm up so decided to try out my Tenkara USA Ito. This Tenkara pole turned out to be awesome! It extends to 14’7″. I used a tapered leader from Tenkara USA because they work better when nymphing. I also used about 3′ of tippet. I saw fish turn on their sides to clean out gravel for spawning. Totally shocked! Because nothing is supposed to be spawning in January … but they were! I saw more than one fish do this so I used an egg pattern and dropped off a red bead head zebra midge. They were nailing the egg pattern!

I am definitely switching to the Ito for big fish! The Tenkara USA Amago is just too heavy and cumbersome and isn’t even close in my opinion to the ability of the Ito.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Utah Tenkara



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