Incredible Nymph Fishing with Tenkara

This is a beautiful mountain stream where I caught nothing for almost three hours. Turned over a rock to see what bugs were predominant on the water. Lots of sow bugs and caddis so I tied on a Bead Head Hare’s Ear and a Utah Killer Bug. It was a perfect storm because the water was off color so the fish couldn’t see you and they were targeting exactly what I had on. In the last hole, I caught over ten Cutties, netting eight of them with on 17″. The best day of nymph fishing I have ever had. Using the Tenkara USA Iwana as usual with 11 ft of level line and 2 ft of tippet. No strike indicator. Notice how the line would go taught before I set the hook. On this day, they were barely taking the flies so I set the hook when I saw the line go tight. I hope you enjoy!



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