Simple Dry Fly Fishing with Tenkara

A day of simple dry fly fishing. Used just one small Royal Wulff to catch Bonneville Cutthroats. There were even a few fish with some size in this small stream. It is a great day when you can Tenkara fly fish such a productive stream in a setting like this. As usual, I was using a 12′ Tenkara USA Iwana pole but this time used the Tenkara USA tapered line with 3′ of tippet. The tapered line works great also just like level line. I have noticed that level line drastically outperforms level line when nymphing though. When nymphing level has a tendency of casting like you have a rock on the end, while tapered line delivers the nymphs much more softly. Tight lines!

Music: Osaka Rain by ALBIS



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