Ep.3: Setting up and Knots for Tenkara

In the third episode of our new series, the “2-minute Guides to Tenkara”, Daniel Galhardo shows viewers how to set up tenkara rod, line and fly. There is one knot he uses for tenkara, which allows you to connect the line to the tenkara rod, tippet to line and tippet to fly. Learn how to rig it together so you can start tenkara fishing.
Throughout the series, Daniel will cover all basic concepts of tenkara in 2-minute long videos. From how to open a tenkara rod, to the knot used, and how to land a fish. Stay tuned for more episodes.
In 2009, Daniel founded Tenkara USA to introduce the method outside of Japan. You can learn more at www.tenkarausa.com



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