Midwest Tenkara Fest 2017

Bringing together an exciting mix of vendors and presenters for a weekend of Tenkara in America’s hidden gem of trout fishing! Tickets are available now! Come join us for a great weekend of Tenkara. http://www.mwtenkarafest.com/ticketsrsvp.html
Vendors include:
* Tenkara Tanuki
* Riverworks Tenkara
* Tenkara USA
* StreamSide Leaders
* Three Rivers Tenkara
* Badger Tenkara
We have an improved trout stream ONSITE!
* Daniel Galhardo
* Rob Worthing
* Anthony Naples
* Matt Sment
* Luong Tam
* Bob Long, Jr
Don’t miss the famous trout stream adjacent “Saturday Night Tenkara Cookout”!



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